X-Files Superbowl Teaser

I’m really enjoying the reboot of X-Files. I grew up on Scully and Mulder’s adventures. I could not have been more excited to hear of this new season. Limited though it may be. But at the halftime, this little bit… well now, THIS looks interesting. I was able to follow the video right up until the end, as the girls and I recently did an “X-Files-athon” and watched every single episode. But the ending is something I don’t think ANYONE expected. Wow! It will be interesting to see how they work it in. My daughters are speculating that it’s a clip from a dream or nightmare etc. They refuse to believe that Scully could actually be… well, watch it for yourself!

On a side note, this related SNL spoof is all kinds of funny, and reminding you to tune in!