Social Media Etiquette

In a world where our lives are lived partially online, there is a great deal of opportunity for the misconstrual of intent in regards to text based communication. The propensity of individuals to automatically assume the worst and most negative connotation that can possibly be derived from a simple statement is ridiculously annoying. Social networks, of course, are the prime example of this. Add to the mix the modern mentality of the “throw-away” society, where we just throw things away and buy new, and you have a new social standard in which “friendships” come and go, as a result of egos being hurt. If we interpret the text which we read in a negative light (based upon our mood at the time), we simply hit the “unfriend” button, and move on. Former “friends” become a thing forgotten. All over our misunderstanding of what we read.

What steps do you take to ensure that your messages will not be misread? What do you do to ensure that your statements come through as intended? How do you add common social cues such as facial gestures and body language to the text that you type, and what do you think could be done as a standard to ensure that these cues are correctly conveyed in the text that you transmit?