Seeking Marketer/Sales Person

Looking for a marketer that would like to gain some residual income. I’ll pay $1.50 per web hosting subscription (if someone that follows me, has me circled or was in my friends list before I posted this takes this on, I’ll make it $2.00 per subscription) after the first 50 subscriptions (will include the 50, but no payout until 50 is reached). You won’t get rich, but it’s nice side income, paid the last day of every month via Paypal. A little time emailing friends or family, calling local businesses etc. The following payments monthly would apply to my “marketer”. Contact me if you are interested. Larger payouts available for selling VPS services, from $3.00 per client to $28.00 per client depending upon the service. Keep in mind, this is residual. As long as the client remains subscribed, you get paid every month for that client.

Subscribers – Payout (at $1.50)

50 $75.00
100 $150.00
250 $375.00
500 $750.00
1,000 $1,500.00
1,500 $2,250.00
2,000 $3,000.00

Subscribers – Payout (at $2.00)

50 $100.00
100 $200.00
250 $500.00
500 $1,000.00
1,000 $2,000.00
1,500 $3,000.00
2,000 $4,000.00

Must have access to reliable telephone service, and internet/email. You will NOT be an employee. You will NOT receive any benefits. You will be a third party independent private contractor. You must have valid authorization to work in the United States. You must account for and pay your own taxes on all income.