Moving Images

There are images which upon seeing, one thinks: “That’s nice.”; but then goes on and things nothing more of. Then there are images which tell such an amazing story that they stir the heart with a yearning to see more. To be able to look around the corner of the photograph in hopes of seeing a greater portion of the moment trapped in time. To desire so greatly to visualize a larger image that the mind of its own volition, creates an entire world around the photo, with that moment, that image, in the centre. Those are the kind of photos that the soul desires to see. Because it is not only seen, it is felt. The mind forgoes logic and travels into an unknown world, seeking out the lands that border the edges of that photograph. If a person can manage to capture such a moment, even but once in their life, such a person has succeeded as a photographer.

Moving Images was originally published on Theo's Thoughts