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Labor MK Biran warns of Corbyn's 'disastrous' anti-Israel stances at UK Labour
Biran points out awkwardness of a sister party being led by someone who is “friends” with Hamas and Hezbollah, calling it a "weird situation." Labor MK Michal Biran at UK Labour Conferenc. (photo credit:Courtesy). Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.
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India-Israel Agriculture Cooperation: Touching New Heights
Jewish State's commitment to blooming the desert and greening the earth does not restrict itself to the Negev Desert or the Valley of Jezreel, today it extends to the Thar Desert, Gangetic Plains and Wetlands of Bengal. With a new agreement, India and …
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German Jews blast mayor who blamed Israel for Syrian refugee crisis
Mayor of Jena who supports a boycott of Israeli products, was in Ramallah on Friday meeting with Palestinians. REFUGEES WALK along train tracks leading from Serbia into Hungary on Friday. (photo credit:SETH J. FRANTZMAN). Share on Facebook
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