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The Best App Uninstaller for Android
Installing apps is easy on Android. So easy that you can end up with a ton that you don't need over time. Rather than tediously paging through every app to uninstall them one by one, we recommend Easy Uninstaller. This app allows you to uninstall …
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Three Trailers For Awesome Upcoming Android Games: Rayman Adventures
We're getting some really excellent games on Android as of late, and it looks like the hit parade isn't going to end in the near future. Here are three upcoming titles (in three different genres, no less) to look forward to in the next few months.
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Best new Android widgets (July 2015)
Widgeter is, simply put, a collection of various functional Zooper widgets for your Android device that aim to boost your productivity. They are all minimalistis and pretty good-looking interface skins. There's a grand total of 55 different widgets …
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