Has Linux finally found a solid cloud distribution?

Has Linux finally found a solid cloud distribution?
A year ago, August 1st, 2014, I wrote a piece titled "Is the cloudbook the future of Linux?" Now that Microsoft has released their cloud-centric Windows 10, I find myself revisiting that topic… with much wonder. This falls in line with Ubuntu finally …
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Linux 4.2 release 'possible' for next week, if Linus feels good
The world may be on the threshold of another Linux Kernel release. Or it might not. Whether or not Linux 4.2 emerges next week depends on how Linus Torvalds feels next Sunday. On Sunday evening, US time, the Linux Lord gave release candidate 7 the …
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​Ubuntu Linux continues to rule the cloud
By The Cloud Market's latest analysis of operating systems on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Ubuntu has approximately 135,000 instances. In second place, a long, long way back, you'll find Amazon's own Amazon Linux Amazon Machine Image …
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Linux Foundation Certification Anniversary Sale – Get Trained And Certified
logo-lftcert-sysadmin A year ago this week, we launched our Linux Foundation Certification Program. Since then, we've had thousands of people sign up to take these performance-based exams, and more and more employers are asking for these …
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