Google Talk Android Toy

Google Talk Android Toy
Google has these Google Talks in there various offices as a way to inspire the employees, get them thinking about things they may not have thought about, so they can be more creative. The talks are often provided by non-Googlers who are publicizing …
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950 million Android phones can be hijacked by malicious text messages
The vulnerability affects about 950 million Android phones and tablets, according to Joshua Drake, vice president of platform research and exploitation at security firm Zimperium. It resides in "Stagefright," an Android code library that processes …
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Now is the winter of Android fans' discontent
I've noticed an uptick in complaining from fans about new flagship Android handsets this year, starting with the HTC One M9 and moving onto the OnePlus 2 and most recently the Galaxy Note 5. Basically, it seems that every major Android phone released …
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Pro tip: How to manually unroot an Android device
Regardless of your Android device, you'll have to boot into recovery mode to do this. Once the system cache is cleared, attempt the OTA again, and it should work. If not, your next step is to do a factory reset, which will clean up whatever remains of …
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