Goboxi: A More Productive Inbox?

Goboxi is the next generation of applications for email which takes time management, social management and inbox management to the next level. Integrating multiple common tasks into a single, attractive, clutter free interface, everything is presented in an intuitive and user friendly format. There is no real learning curve so far, as everything is very easy to figure out at a single glance. One of my favourite points about the software is their email filtration. Somewhat simpler than Google’s new “Inbox” application, the algorythms simply sort what is important from what isn’t, and rather than labeling things into finance, friends etc, it simply places them in a “Read Later” folder. This puts more of the power in your hands as to how you would like to categorize.

Upon login, you are presented with three columns. Important Inbox, Tasks and Calendar. Each column is responsive, and adding items or reviewing items in any of the columns is very simple. Overall, it’s a super start to an ever demanding set of utilities. While the programme itself is in its early iteration, functionality is high and it is usable as is in a production environment. I would comfortably replace the Microsoft Outlook Desktop Application with this webpage. There are still many features that we would like to see, such as syncing with other apps from Google (keep, calendar, contacts etc.), Microsoft (calendar, outlook etc.) and the likes, but Project, Basecamp, Asana and Wunderlist support is listed as “coming soon”. What it presently lacks in features, Goboxi more than makes up for with the interface and simplicity of use. I personally can’t wait to see what else they do. This is definately a company to keep your eyes on!

Say hello to a moreproductive you

Clutter-free Emal, To-dos, Calendar

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