Don’t bother speaking it… live it instead.

Any sentence beginning with “Religious people think…” or “Religious people are…” is merely an excuse to deny God. One that so scorns the very idea of having faith in anything greater than their own intelligence (or obvious lack thereof) that no confrontation, no matter how powerful, will ever sway them. It is always best, in every such situation, to turn and walk the other way. You are wasting your time, your breath, and hours of your life trying to convince someone who does not have an open mind to begin with, and whose only goal is to get you worked up while they sit back and laugh at your foolishness. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Spend your time serving God, and let your daily walk speak for itself. You have no need to defend the faith, merely live it. In this way, your witness is so strong that hearts can change in such a grand way that arguing and offering proof never could.