Costumes and Movies

I remember when I was four or five, my father would mention that we were going to watch a movie. It was a special time, in which I would start out sitting on his lap in his easy chair, but would end up running all over the living room, hiding behind couches, peeking around and shooting at the television set with my six shooter.  It was such an exciting experience, because unlike nowdays, people didn’t watch TV 24/7. My parents watched the news, and a few select programs such as “The Brady Bunch” or “I Love Lucy” or “Bewitched” etc. and I was allowed to watch “Sesame Street”, “Mr Rogers Neighborhood”, “Doctor Who”, and on Saturday morning, a couple hours worth of cartoons.

Whenever dad would mention a movie, I knew exactly what he meant! COUNTRY WESTERNS!!! Gene Autry, John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Warren Beatty, Ronald Regan, Charlton Heston and the likes. I would immediately run and put on my cowboy boots, my sheriff badge, leather vest, cowboy hat, strap on my holsters and grab my six shooters. Sometimes (depending on the movie) I would even grab my guitar. It was always an exhausting hour and a half, running from Indians, shooting at bad guys, hiding behind the couch and peeking out to shoot at robbers who were shooting at me, running and rolling behind dad’s easy chair and so on. This is why I was SO EXCITED when I announced last night that we would be watching “Jurassic Park”, and my daughter Lillian reacted.

She had me make binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls, then we found a jungle vest for her and a safari hat. She really got into it! The following image (photo enhanced by the power of GIMP of course) shows the result of her enthusiasm to watch the “Dinosaur movie”! I had to go ahead and put in the background, because I KNOW that if my father would have had access to Photoshop software, I would have hundreds of photos like this one! This one is for you, dad!

Lillian in her Explorer outfit, ready to tackle Jurassic Park!
Lillian in her Explorer outfit, ready to tackle Jurassic Park!