Common Homonyms/Homophones Most Often Abused

Basic words to remember, with their meanings. There are many more less common homonyms/homophones, but these are the most often abused. These words and their meanings are taught in school from second to fourth grade, and reviewed from sixth to eighth grade. Adults really should know their correct usage by now.

Accept – Receive
Except – Exclude
Affect – Impact
Effect – Impression
Allude – Hint
Elude – Evade
Bare – Unclothed
Bear – Endure/The animal
Cite – Give credit
Sight – Vision
Site – Location
Farther – Measurement of distance
Further – Promotion of growth or progress
Pray – Entreat a diety
Prey – Victimize
Precede – Come before
Proceed – Come from
Then – Point in time
Than – Method of comparison
Their – Belonging to them
There – Location
They’re – They are
Two – Number
To – Indicative of motion
Too – Also/Excessive
We’re – We Are
Were – Past tense of are
You’re – You are
Your – Belonging to you