WordPress Beginners

Coming soon to Theo’s Thoughts: WordPress for beginners. A lot of people have recently signed up with Who Inc. hosting, and their biggest questions seem to be related directly to WordPress. Many of them are coming over from SiteBuilder on other hosts, and just aren’t familiar with the flexibility and extendability of WordPress. As a result, I end up spending more support time explaining and helping with WordPress than assisting with other issues. To get around this, I’ll be doing a series at least once a week tagged #WordPressBeginners that will start from the beginning, installation, and work you through how to customize the template, add plugins, use frameworks to design, and start setting up pages or a blog. I’ll also be accepting questions, and taking a few older questions from support files to explain less common configurations that many may find useful. I’ll be doing it on YouTube for the most part and embedding the video here, but I’ll also be doing live series on Busker. So if apps are your thing, feel free to download Busker and subscribe to me, (Theophilus Floyd) and I will answer questions live while going through and explaining WordPress setup and customization.