Deep Information Sciences Scales MySQL

Deep Information Sciences Scales MySQL
Deep Information Sciences created DeepSQL, an instance of MySQL that includes a different I/O engine developed by Deep Information Sciences. Initially available on IBM SoftLayer, Deep Information Sciences is now making that technology available in the …
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How Does the MySQL JDBC Driver Handle Prepared Statements
While researching for the Statement Caching chapter in my High-Performance Java Persistence book, I got the chance to compare how Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL handle prepare statements. Thanks to Jess Balint (MySQL JDBC driver …
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SolarWinds to Present Wait-Time Analytics for MySQL Performance Optimization
Visit SolarWinds at Booth 406 At the event, the company will showcase SolarWinds(R) Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 10.0, which now provides added support for MySQL databases, enterprise-grade performance tuning and metric visibility.
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Evil NSA runs on saintly Linux, Apache, MySQL

Evil NSA runs on saintly Linux, Apache, MySQL
The United States National Security Agency's (NSA's) XKEYSCORE spookware, revealed by Edward Snowden as capable of sniffing and analysing just about any data from anywhere, runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So says Snowden amanuensis Glenn …
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AMD Catalyst 15.7 Stable Linux Driver Released After a Long Absence
The AMD developers have announced that a new Catalyst Linux driver, 15.7, has been released and is now available for download. It's been a while since we had a stable version of the Catalyst driver, but it's still not all that impressive. AMD has a …
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Cheaper Intel Compute Stick with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled coming this week
When the Compute Stick first launched in April, Intel said an Ubuntu version would follow. To be clear, this is not Canonical taking Intel's reference design and creating its own version. This is an Intel-branded device loaded with the popular Linux …
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