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Xubuntu 17 To Debian 9 Update Results

If you followed my last, hastily written, explanatory post HERE, you probably thought that I was a little crazy, trying to update an existing Xubuntu 17.04 system to the new release of Debian, 9.0 named “Stretch”. Well, I followed the instructions that I posted there from start to finish, and the results are: [drum roll – your fingers on your desk will do] it… took a real long time. And some issues were faced after upgrade when using sudo aptitude upgrade -y followed by sudo aptitude -f install. What happened,… Read More
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Xubuntu to Debian

One of my daughters is running Xubuntu on her laptop. Since the latest release of Debian (9.0 “Stretch”) should, in theory, have packages and kernel which are updated and superior to her 17.04 install of Xubuntu, I’m going to try a direct update from Xubuntu to Debian using dist-upgrade. First, I will do a complete backup of her Minecraft worlds, music and any documents. Then I will edit her /etc/apt/sources.list to comment out all the Xubuntu/Ubuntu repositories and add entries for the new Debian “Stretch” repositories. nano /etc/apt/sources.list And comment… Read More
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OpenSource Privacy

I’ve blogged a bit about OpenSource, and Linux – I’ve even convinced numerous friends and family members to join me. CentOS and Debian are my distros of choice, but for many of them, moving over from the Windows world; simpler is better. So I’ve set them up mainly with Ubuntu (shudder) and Mint. My own children use Xubuntu. I get asked a lot – “How do you get anything done since (insert overpriced product here) doesn’t run on Linux? Well, I’ve blogged about that too, HERE. But in the wake… Read More
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Linux Commands Post You’ll Want To Bookmark

Here’s an amazingly useful post for Linux Terminal Commands regarding your hardware, finding drives, mounting drives etc. You’ll want to bookmark this one for sure!   Read More
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Attempting Minecraft on PocketC.H.I.P.

My first attempt at installing and running Minecraft on the PocketC.H.I.P. – Fairly successful, but not quite workable yet. Related links of interest: How to use Aptitude package tool on Debian, Ubuntu and Mint linux How to Install JAVA 8 (JDK/JRE 8u77) on Debian 8 & 7 via PPA   Read More
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PocketC.H.I.P. – First Impressions

FEATURES 4.3″ Resistive touch screen. Full QWERTY keyboard. Removable enclosure and bezel. 3.7-volt LiPo Battery. GPIO Access. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. APPLICATIONS PICO-8 – Play games, change games, and make games with PICO-8! SunVox – The SunVox tracker is a fully featured music production studio. Linux Terminal – A place to type commands directly to the computer for execution and evaluation by the operating system. Write – Write is a minimalist text editor. File Browser – The File Browser provides a visual representation of the files on your PocketC.H.I.P. using… Read More
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Configure Your Privacy in Linux

In light of the revelation of government snooping by William Binney, Edward Snowden as well as WikiLeak contributors and others, many people are increasingly concerned for their privacy and for their security. This has many people exploring Linux, as they have “heard” that it is harder to attack, has fewer viruses etc. Many install simple distros such as Mint or Ubuntu, and assume once they have it up and running and drivers installed, that all is well. This simply isn’t the case. I am not going to go into details… Read More
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Useful Linux Commands

​Here is a list of the most common commands that you will probably find useful. The commands and descriptions are all separated by “=”, so don’t include the = sign in the commands The most important one which will make your life MUCH easier is: sudo apt-get install <enter a programme name here> This finds the most up to date repository for you, and installs the latest version of the software. No going to different websites, downloading and then trying to figure out how to install from an extracted bzip… Read More
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Linux Programmes

A friend of mine has installed Linux, and asked me for my opinion on software that he should install. I figured I would share it here too, in case any of you have toyed with the idea of making the switch over to Linux. ESSENTIALS Web Browser: FireFox Email: Thunderbird Instant Messaging: Pidgin (with Off the Record plugin)​ Off the Record Plugin: OTR Office: LibreOffice ​Acrobat Reader: Evince ​CD Ripper: Asunder DVD Ripper:  Handbrake CD/DVD Creation: DeVeDe​ E-Book Reader: Calibre Media Player: VLC ​Run Windows Programmes: WINE Password Manager: KeePassX COMMERCIALWARE REPLACEMENTS Photoshop: GIMP Illustrator: Inkscape Dreamweaver: Kompozer InDesign: Scribus Flash: Synfig Premiere: OpenMovieEdito… Read More
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