Capacity for True Though

For a number of years, I have been trying to decide if we as humans actually possess the capability for independent thought, or if we merely regurgitate what we have been told and taught. Is our “critical thinking” merely an instinctive response fine tuned by training applied in school? It seems to me that the general thought process for a greater percentage of people (Americans being what I have experience with) is simple. If (insert problem, situation or activity here) then (insert solution, resolution or reaction here) which is based entirely in a self-serving consideration. – i.e. “Which of the available solutions to this problem will cause me the least amount of investment, and benefit me the most?” And without a second thought, minds are made up, and action is undertaken. If this is a correct assessment, then one cannot say anything other than this is pure instinct.

Consider even political opine. Without fail, one side will argue to the death that their “choice” in candidate is the best, and that their promises are best for our nation, while the other side will likewise argue to their dying breath that it is, in fact, their candidate which is best suited to lead the nation. A problem arises however, in that; even the choices made by most in politics relate not to what is best for the nation, but what is best for ME. This candidate will give ME such and such. This candidate will make sure MY needs are met. And here again, we arrive at a thinly veiled instinct. Very few (though I have met a couple – Hi Wes T.) are actually informed on real issues affecting our country, and what candidates actually intend to do, have done or continue to do, and are thus able to arrive at an informed and intelligent conclusion as to who they will support for the good of the nation.

I just don’t know. There are a few rare individuals out there that I have witnessed, who are capable of a broad consideration as well as a focused consideration. Who are able to consider the available information, investigate further looking for more details, and who change their opinion when available information supports the necessity. But it is extremely RARE. What are your “thoughts”?

Capacity for True Though was originally published on Theo's Thoughts