18 Online Security Resources for Small Businesses

18 Online Security Resources for Small Businesses
The announcement underscores how cybersecurity affects online commerce at all levels, small businesses as well as large. Here is a list of online security resources for small businesses. There are news sites to stay current on cybersecurity, online …
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Egypt tightens security at holiday resorts after ISIS attacks
Security has been tightened up at Egypt’s holiday resorts after ISIS killed 50 soldiers in an attack on military bases – just 250 miles from where some 9.5million tourists go every year. Extra armed guards are protecting Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada in …
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Online Security is a Major Concern for Businesses and Internet Users
Online security has become a major concern for businesses and online shoppers. Internet users rely on companies to take necessary measures to safeguard their privacy. When a website is secured, shoppers feel more confident to share private information.
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Quantum computers risk online security ‘catastrophe’
The technology is so advanced that quantum computers will be capable of breaking the encryption systems, which protect almost all private communications online, including virtually all financial transactions. No existing online security system would be …
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